Painting by Painting, Installation Views

Galeria Miau Miau, 2014.

For "Cuadro por Cuadro", Alejandra chose to present works from different periods of her production, but instead of the typical chronological installation, she chose a ludic exhibition where the spectator can make their own montage. The first curatorial proposal, that of the artist, is presented through black lines, like a map of the show that was there before, only to be challenged by the spectator. Alejandra does not enumerate images, she accumulates them. And in such an accumulation she finds narratives, or better said, multiple plots that connect visually and conceptually her works from the last fifteen years. The same exercise she suggests to the views, which in the Gallery walls find the album suggested by the line, but have a chance to make their own story, their own curatorship, with the works.